Luz Studio

Luz is an open-source live motion-graphics editor and performer.

Luz offers polygonal shapes, images, animated gifs, typography, paint canvases, and 140+ effects to use on them.

All effects can dance to the beat, react to audio, or be controlled live from:

Install Luz Studio


Luz Tutorial 1

In Tutorial 1 we will meet Luz Studio and learn about animation, beats and time control:

In Tutorial 1 we learned how to...

  • ...navigate Luz Studio
  • ...create an Actor
  • ...change and animate Actor settings
  • ...add effects to an Actor and change its settings
  • ...animate to the beat, and to time
  • ...control time using the Time Scrub Bar

Luz Tutorial 2

In Tutorial 2 we will create our first sound-reactive visuals:

In Tutorial 2 we learned how to...

  • ...create multiple children and use Theme Children to color them
  • ...use the Luz Spectrum Analyzer
  • ...create a Variable and use it to activate multiple effects

Luz Tutorial 3

In Tutorial 3 we will learn more about children:

In Tutorial 3 we learned how to...

  • ...zoom in and out on the Actor View
  • ...use effect order to change the final output
  • ...use conditions to apply effects only to selected children
  • ...use the Text Children effect to play with typography
  • ...use Curves to change the feel of animations
  • ...use the Beat Shift Children effect
  • ...use an Event to control when effects apply

More tutorials coming soon.

Special Topics

Luz Tutorial - Recording High-Definition Video

In this tutorial we prepare a project for the Luz HD Video Renderer:

In this tutorial, we learned how to...

  • ...use Enter and Exit
  • ...use the Luz HD Video Renderer
  • ...create a video rendering of a precise length using the Stop Performer and Time Period plugins


Luz can render ultra-smooth HD (720p, 1080p) video:

(see the HD video recording tutorial at the bottom of the page.)

Luz creations can be played live, here using a Wacom Tablet:

Luz's Shader Snippet technology can mix shader effects:

Luz lets you control DMX lights alongside digital projectors:

Luz builds digital puppets by attaching one Actor to another:

Luz has been known to reveal the inner demon of toddlers:

Luz has many experimental features, such as 2D Physics support using Chipmunk:

Install Luz Studio

Fun Facts